first: apologies for the wait on the season 5 finale analysis. the reasons behind the holdup are twofold: 1) the sheer scope of topics to cover is daunting, and 2) february is a long way away.

fortunately, jacob was recently retconned into my early childhood where he politely reminded me to finish the things that i start. sometimes we just need a little push.

my m/o has usually been to wait until the podcast has been posted before posting that episode's analysis, so i plan to do the rough equivalent here; damon and carlton are in radio silence until their presentation at comic-con next month. that presentation promises to shed light on the content and direction of the final season, which i will recap and explore for you here. comic-con is july 23-26. if you know any way i can score a ticket, i will, um, i will mention you on this blog!

so, august 1, look for my epic, in-depth analysis of both the season 5 finale, and the season as a whole - informed by the revelations to come at comic-con.

see you then.


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